Sew in label-AM-SLD2070

The Spec

Tag size20*75mm
FrequencyAM 58KHz
Warning wordsWarning words or Logo available

Sew in label alarm AM is woven label with sensormatic DR label or compatible AM DR label inside.  It is one of source tags, widely used for cloth. The label is usually placed inside the garment while it is being produced

Sew in label alarm AM, as source tag,there are many benefits. It is an efficient way to reduce theft and loss. As the product travels through the supply chain and whilst in the store. It is a tried and tested method of reducing internal theft and theft in the supply chain as the hard tags act as a visual deterrent. Source tagging moves both the cost of the tag and the application of the tag to the source of the product. Now that staff aren't spending a lot of their time tagging, they can spend it selling to customers instead.  It also decreases the time it takes to get products to the sales floor.

Aliensecurity have the ability to produce all size sew in label alarm AM and make the the printing as customers required. More details, welcome to contact us and talk .

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