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RF Cosmetic label-6519RC

Aliensecurity security cosmetic Label  RF is designed to protect high-shrink, difficult to tag items such as lipstick, eyeliner, perfume which is too small for the more traditional RF Label sizes

Our security cosmetic label RF is suitable to a range of packaging shapes and sizes. The visible circuit acts as an effective deterrent, while the clear label ensures barcodes and other key product information are not obscured.To protect your merchandise and your brand, the choice is clear.

Work with Our RF deactivator RD1701, the security cosmetic lable RF 6519RC is easily deactivated at point of check-out enabling staff to confidently and consistently deactivate RF labels quickly, delivering faster checkout speeds.

Three size can be choosed. 19*65mm,20*50mm,15*52mm. Also can be cusomized for shape and size.

Warning words, product's information or logo can be printed on the surface.

Made of German high glue, which will stick firmly on the goods and not fall off easily

Normal packing is 1000pcs or 2000pcs per roll

Can be for hand or automated machine applications.Costomized packing is also available as 8000pcs per roll

Suggest to work with Aliensecurity RF detection system and RF deactivator to get best performance.

learn more about Aliensecurity security labels and warning labels

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