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SA1723- Tablet stand

Retail security tablet display stand holder alarm with metal bracket SA1723

Retail security tablet display stand holder alarm with metal bracket SA1712B is designed  with internal recoiling system cable inside.So the customers can freely experience the tablet,which give your mobile shop a neat and simple environment.

Retail security tablet display stand holder alarm with metal bracket SA1712B is with  important factors for selecting specific vendor and  specific display stand model.

Maybe you can find many tablet display as video in Youtube.  But Alien-security's Retail security tablet display stand holder alarm with metal bracket SA1712 is not as same as these ones. The one is complex operation but simple function, and ugly appearance. It has a simple and stylish design, built-in cable, metal brackets, the perfect display of tablet.  It provides a strong protection and bring customers a very good experience at the same time.

The The main features are as follows:

1.Simple & fashionable shap and internal recoiling system cable inside. Prefect diplay for the tablet and provide customers freely experience

2.Built-in circuit board, can work independently.Dia 3.5mm cable, the shear force is 34kgf,  very hard  be cut by ordinary pliers

3. 2 alarm protection and with metal bracket to provide tell protection for the tablet display

4. Three size grippers to lock the tablet.(100-142mm,132-180mm,160-223mm). Even the security system is no power,the retailers are not worried about the tablet will be stolen.

5. Internal reinforcement, better face anti violent behaviour on the custome.

6. ODM and OEM is available.If you want to print logo or make some change of the product to more suitable to you,please feel free to contact us.Or more choice please kindy visit our website.

Retail security tablet display stand holder alarm with metal bracket SA1712B is not only  display and protects the tablet against theft. It also enhances the customer’s shopping experience and drive your sales!

Besides SA1712B, if you want a more high secuire anti theft tablet holder, you can choose secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008-T. In addition to the features of SA1712B, MAS1008-T is equipped with 4 metal grippers that are stronger and security. These metal grippers are retractable and can be used on any 7-12 "tablet currently on the market.

There is a micro-USB port specially designed to crossmerchandise other electronic products on the back of the rear. For example, special alarm sensor cable can be used to display the electronic pen while displaying the iPad, so that customers can better experience the iPad and promote the sales of the electronic pen.

Alternatively, if retailers want a higher level of security for their phones and tablets, there's the mobile phone anti theft display holder MAS1008 option. Its 4 one-piece cast metal grippers provide a higher level of security for phones and tablets.

Of course, mobile phone holders with different security levels or customer experiences may be required for different brand display areas in the same large store. For example, Samsung's brand display area prefers wireless phone anti theft alarm stand, so you can choose the cordless phone security stand MAS1008-W. More Anti theft phone holders with different security levels can be specifically browse: https://alien-security.com/retail-security/security-display/anti-theft-phone-holder/

In addition, the display area of mobile phones in large stores is often the concentrated display area of digital products, which not only needs to security display smart phones and tablets, but also laptops, smartwatches, headphones and audio. Alien-security also offers security display stands for laptops, smartwatches,headphones, stereos, and more, with different levels of security to meet the needs of different brands.

However, all of these security display devices maintain a consistent display style, which ensures that the entire display area of the hypermarket is consistent in style, providing customers with a better customer experience. For specific security demonstration requirements, please refer to here: Various stands,multi security, consistent display,meets your stores unique requirement, or contact us directly.


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