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RF Warning Label-30RLL

 The 33mm RF round labels 30RLL deliver dependable performance and merchandise protection using RF technology.

RF round labels 30RLL, Checkpoint/Nedap Compatible Adhesive label,display Your Brand & Increase Security Custom Printing as Logo &Warning Messages & Symbols Detailed Product Sheet

With a view of prevention, the Warning Messages proved to be the most effective visual deterrent. Since launching the introduction of this label to certain lines has proven to reduce shrink up to 50%

RF round labels 30RLL are available in a variety of formats; deactivatable, non-deactivatable, barcode, plain white, black, custom color, permanent adhesive, removable adhesive, thermal, and custom printed.

All Aliensecurity RF labels are made of German high glue, which will stick firmly on the goods and not fall off easily

RF round labels 30RLL are easily deactivated at point of check-out enabling staff to confidently and consistently deactivate RF labels quickly, delivering faster checkout speeds.

Suggest to work with Aliensecurity RF detection system and RF deactivator to get best performance.

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