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If you carry clothing and accessories, shoplifting is always a problem. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and security tags adoption rate amongst retailers has been on the incline for many years. It given the terrific success in actively protecting a stores assets with a low business investment. We, Alien-security, provide you with a full line of anti theft device for clothes. Such as clothing security tags, shoes lanyard security tags, bag anti theft devices, EAS security systems, accessories, and much more. They are all affordable and of high quality with 3 years warranty,help you effectively against shoplifting with low investment. There are more 300 customers all over the world love our retail anti theft devices.If you would like to know more about anti-theft clothing devices or our available line of retail security products,please don't hesitate to contact us today!

How Can Anti Theft Device For Clothes Help Retailers ?

Anti theft device for clothes secure the specific items to your store, so they are not easily stolen. Anti-theft devices work in various ways, but all of them involve making it more difficult for a thief to pull something off your store racks and take it without paying for the item first.

A few of theclothing anti-theft devices we have available include:

* Shoes Security Tags: Shoes are tagged with a security device that sends radio frequencies to in-store detection systems to prevent unauthorized removal from the store.

Different types of security tags for shoes provides multi-level security. It includes both RF/AM EAS lanyard tags and 2 alarm, 3 alarm self alarm tags. On the basis of the traditional EAS security tag, the self alarm tag adds the function of electronic anti-theft. If someone tries to cut the wire rope and let the tag off the shoe, the tag will automatically alarm. All security tags for shoes can be reused to minimize costs for clothing stores. They also serve the dual purpose of keeping the pair of same size shoes together.

* Security Sensors for Clothing: Security sensors prevent unauthorized removal of an item from the store and help deter theft by signaling alarms on door systems.

A wide variety of security tags to provide anti theft protection for different clothing, as well as good visual effects and great anti theft. For example, we specially equip thick clothes in winter with longer pins (39mm) and security tags. Provide panda security tags for children's clothes, which is to make the appearance of the tag into a panda, which can protect the clothes against theft and also attract children more. Lanyard tags are designed for women's underwear to prevent the tags from causing damage to fragile or expensive clothing.

* EAS Pesdetal:The EAS Pesdetal is a retail security system that uses electro-magnetic, acousto-magnetic or radio frequencies to detect items crossing a detection point in a retail store.

The security tags emit frequencies that the EAS security towers/pedestals will identify when crossed triggering an alarm to notify retail staff or security. EAS systems can be concealed from the public view. But more often you’ll see the security pedestal towers at the entry/exit gates of a shop with security tags securely attached to a store’s product.

What Businesses Should Use Anti Theft Device For Clothes?

Devices designed to combat problems with clothing theft work well for many types of retailers. Practically any business that carries clothing and accessories could reap the benefits from these devices, but they are most often used on specific high-dollar merchandise. Fashion security tags are very flexible anti theft device for clothes. Not every store owner wants a visible security pin on their products for various reasons. There are both subtle and non-subtle ways to attach and hide retail security labels, pins and tags on clothing and other shop items resulting in a secure item that won’t distract a shopper from making a purchase.

A few examples of businesses that should use clothing alarms or other anti-theft measures include:
* Malls and typical shopping centers
* Designer clothing stores
* Shoe stores
* Athletic apparel retailers
* Consignment stores specializing in name-brand clothing
* Bridal shops

When shoplifting can be a big enough problem that it eats into your annual revenue, it is a must to take all necessary steps to secure your merchandise, and anti theft device for clothes can help tremendously.

However, there is a huge demand for anti theft devices for clothes not only individual clothing stores on the street, but also many lLarge complex shopping malls. Because Large complex shopping malls have the advantage of gathering people, and clothing is a lot of women shopping must-have programs.

Generally speaking, the need for anti theft devices for clothes in large stores is similar to the need for clothing stores on the street. However, the clothing anti-theft devices that large stores demand must take into account the consistency of technology and style of retail security systems throughout large stores. This is a seemingly simple, but very complicated job. But you don't need to worry too much. That's what Alien-security has been doing, and it's well received by its customers. Alien-security provides malls and big-box stores with consistent retail shoplifting devices, from anti theft devices for clothes, to the security stands for electronics, to wine bottle securty locks, to food security labels.

Alien-security, for example, has developed secure display devices that are best suited to electronic devices in Malls and big-box stores for the environment and specific requirements of anti-theft devices.

The biggest difference between the anti theft devices for retail of big box stores and electronics specialty stores is that they require the anti theft devices to work independently. Because big-box stores are more focused on the self-directed shopping experience, it is often difficult for big-box workers to focus on specific areas.

In this case Alien-security's mobile phone burglar alarm post MAS1008, Smartwatch security charging stand WDC1006 and anti theft alarm security retractable tether are the most suitable.

Because they can not only provide electronic alarm protection and display for the electronics and merchandises, but also automatically pull the products back to the original display position after customers experience the products, which is convenient for the next customer to experience.

Sush as MAS1008 is a mobile phone anti theft display holder that is very popular with customers. It uses a simple and smooth design, with recoiler inside, so that customers can freely pick up the phone to experience. When the customer experience is complete, it will automatically pull the phone back to the best display position, so that subsequent customers can have the best experience. And it hides all the cables inside the stand, without any messy cords outside.

In addition, its 4 metal grippers allow you to install or not install them, depending on the security levels you need and the type of phone. For example, in the United States, Australia and other regions are very popular with these 4 metal grippers. In Saudi Arabia security is better, the customer experience is higher, can not install it.

Of course, clothing stores, Malls and big-box stores have varied and specific requirements for anti-theft devices, and many even require them to be integrated into their CCTV. These Alien-security have a wealth of experience and many successful cases. Specific needs of the anti theft devices for retail, you can contact us directly, or professional support.


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